‘I am super excited you have shown interest in this new project. We make personalized musical messages/ecards filmed in HD from our homes or studios.  

I’ve been a working musician for 15 years, writing, recording, touring, wedding, events, teaching etc etc etc. I started AP during the first lockdown on my own, in my home studio making videos for clients.  I could tell I was onto something.

People liked the music but what they really loved was the personalization, the care that went into the delivery, the presentation and how bespoke I made it. Like I was sitting in their front room performing and chatting just for them.

After 6 weeks and 150 videos, I set about starting WWW.ACOUSTICPOSTCARDS.COM. I invited 5 of my musician colleagues to come on board.  We launched in August, have made around 300 ‘Postcards’ so far, we have had great support from ITV and the Musicians Union. We are now ready to ramp up even more. We set the costing so the musician gets on average 79% from a purchase. Musician centric.

We are delivering a bespoke musical experience between friends, family and loved ones. It could be simply saying hello, for a birthday or anniversary, it could be a message of love or loss or it could be because they want a personal performance from you to watch in their own homes. I have found that it is a good mixture of all of these. The musician in me loves giving people a private gig and ‘doing my thing’ but then the human in me also has really enjoyed being a part of a special birthday or a message of love! It has been such a great fulfilling experience so far and that’s why we have decided to take this journey to the next level. YES it’s a video message but we focus on the small things, focus on the music and the message

We really believe this could be a brand-new way to present ourselves as artists and musicians. We are not an agency - we are a collective.  I will work hard on your behalf and I hope you will do the same for the team! I have big plans and ideas for this project!

A LOT of work has gone into this project so far. We have our own bespoke website and video hosting service build from the ground up. There isn’t anything like us out there.

To show our commitment to you the musicians, for every ‘Postcard’ produced by AP, we will put £1 into the ‘Postcard Pot’! At the end of the month this fund will be shared out equally between each musician. So, in essence, you will be shareholders. The better we do, the better you do!  We will also be doing a tremendous amount of promotion, on social media and other digital platforms to spread this to larger and larger audiences. I will be pushing you as individual musicians. This will be your shop window also. People WILL see you and WILL find you.  All I ask is that you push the project through your own social media and mailings lists.  I always believe musicians are stronger together.   Lee x ‘ (AP Creator)


How does it work?

It couldn't be simpler. If you've not done so yet have a cruise around the site, look at the musicians pages, how it works for the customer etc. Lots of info here. Some will apply to you, some of it you will already know ;)


Fill in our form with

all your online links,

biog etc

We will then review

all your info

We review all

your material

and if all good schedule a zoom call to meet

and answer any questions you may have


We create your

own ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS homepage and showreel


Go live on a our

website and have a social media day and dedicated to YOU to introduce you

to the fam!!


What do we do?

We produce finished high quality video messages and live performed acoustic songs in HD.

With our standard one song Acoustic Postcard we aim to produce a complete single shot (one camera) video including, spoken message and a song; of around 3-4 mins long.

So thats 1o mins of your time (if set up properly) to turn around a video and earn some money You keep an average of 80% depending on the Acoustic Postcard ordered. 

Can you (or do you) turn around a high quality, synced video message and live acoustic performance of around 3-4 mins in 48-72 hours?  

If so read on......


How do we do it?

There are a lot of different methods of recording/filming from your home or home studio. You may already be producing high end finished video. Its so simple to do these days with very minimal kit. We all have these HD cameras in our pockets SMART PHONES!

We LOVE making them this way! Smart phone cameras, especially newer iPhones, take great video and the sound is easy to capture with a few tips and your regular gigging or home studio kit!

Fully synced HD video ready to go in mins. No fiddling around in post edit. Great performance captured in HD and ready to go. 

Couple of points: 

1. We dont make 'selfie videos' ie we don't use our smart phones microphones. The musicians who use smart phone cameras, plug pre mixed audio into the smart phone using very simple to get and inexpensive interfaces or record the audio separately and just use the camera. They then edit the video together.  

2. Most of our artists are solo singer/musicians ie play an instrument and sing live. If you are a solo instrumentalist thats fine as longas you are still ok to delivery the all importanmat message, If you are a singer who uses backing tracks, they must be of a high musical quality not ‘karaoke’ tracks.  As you’ll know some of these are not great. Your filming and recording of audio method will be the same. A good repertoire of songs/tracks is also essential.

Minimum requirements

  • A good looking, uncluttered space in your home or studio to film. 

  • Great vocals, musicianship and personality to talk to camera

  • Microphone/s for singing and or micing up instruments and a mixer or interface (Ideally recording your vocal and instrument with separate sources ie microphone for singing and your instrument plugged in or recorded with a separate microphone) 

  • A digital camera or high end smart phone

  • (preferable) simple quality key light/s or ring light (simple lighting can change a video!) 





Filming and recording


Everyone has different levels of knowledge in this area. Rest assured we can help in this department to get you up to the standard required. All of our musicians record in slightly different locations and ways but the end result is always the same great quality performance and message delivery!

Many of our musicians are skilled in video recording and use high end DSLR cameras, record their audio into a DAW and sync together the film and audio.

Simple studio lighting is also used. (key lights, soft boxes or ring lights) This produces the best professional quality result and such lights are very inexpensive.

We use as standard two different methods to film

  • High-end smart phone ie iPhone X, 11 or 12 or similar spec android handsets some (new iPad pro also works) Use just the camera and record the audio separately or pre mix the audio live using an outboard mixer then go straight into your smart phone via an interface, such as the 'iRig' products. We recommend the iRig pro IO or the iRig pre

  • DSLR camera with audio recorded separately into a DAW (logic, pro tools,  Cubase etc) or a digital audio recorder such as certain zoom products can work also.

Click on the pictures to see  4 different real postcards from 4 musicians in 4 different locations. All filmed on iPhones


How it works for the musician

The whole premise is videos and messages from the musician’s own music space, be it a home studio or space where you regularly rehearse.

These spaces will all be different artist to artist, but we will work together to get the best out of your space.  We can work closely with you each individually, to get your set- up right. from the space you film in, to the kit you use.

We have some great tech support in film, sound and lighting and some nifty tricks to get the best out of your space, possibly using things you already have in the house. We believe that supporting our artists is how we get the best result for you and for the client. The better the space, feel and look, the better the product.

We all have different living situations, set- ups do not need to be complicated but a regular look, sound and feel is essential. Uncluttered and neutral performance spaces are preferable, so the emphasis can be upon you, the artist and main feature!

  • We will run some test videos at the start to ensure that the look and sound of the video is of a good quality,  that you are happy with the process and so we can give any guidance on performance or delivery.

  • Please note: Processes could change as volume increases. It will be constantly reviewed to make it as efficient for everyone as possible

  • When we set up your profile, we will need to get some understanding of your availability to produce postcards.

  • When Postcard orders come in, you will be notified via email with info about the song choices, messages and any extra info, song requests not on your setlist or special requests (i.e. putting someone’s name in a song) Plus you’ll get a text or whatsapp message to confirm receipt.

  • Make sure you have notifications on your phone or device, so you are on top of them. You will oversee your own schedule.

  • If you have any queries or issues, contact the office as soon as possible

  • You will be required to record your video and audio to the required standard, set at your full tech consultation and return the video to the office within  72 hours.

  • The video will need to be audio and video synced. finished audio, untrimmed and unfiltered video.

  • Once the video is completed, you will transfer the MP4 to the office via our wetransfer

  • Payment will be made to you every week


Extra note:  We offer requests, songs not on your set list, for additional cost to cover the time spent learning and arranging. You can opt out of this service if you would like but we recommend offering it as the cost of the request is 100% your money. Most requests are straightforward though, plus an unfamiliar one could add a new song to your list!



Standard AP artists

The idea behind Acoustic Postcards is to be competitive and not a luxury purchase. We want to compete with people buying a bunch of flowers or a couple of bits from Moonpig! Us musicians at home, especially now, with all this kit, we may as well use it!


Play a song-film it well-sell it in 10 mins.  A good recording set up that is in place ready to go, a standard 3 min Acoustic Postcard from mic and camera check to end should take you 10 mins.


As we grow in popularity we can edge the prices up but we must be sellable and a viable purchase. The aim is to provide our musicians with a call sheet of say, 10 videos. They commit an hour so to get them done to their usual awesome standard and make £100. We will always offer a quality live music product though. 



The average percentage YOU as the musician get is 80% of each Postcard

70% FOR SINGLE 75% DOUBLE POSTCARDS                     

75%-80%  FOR MINI GIGS


Single ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS ® - one song and a message – 3 min long -    £10     

Double ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS ® - two songs and a message                     £17.50     

3 song Mini Gig ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS ®                                              £25  

4  song Mini Gig ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS ®                                             £32

5  song Mini Gig ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS ®                                             £39

6  song Mini Gig ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS ®                                             £45

Songs not on the list  - Price per song                                                        £10 


Premier/Deluxe AP artists 

This brand new concept is ready to go and WE NEED ARTISTS

In short if you are a musician with a big following, a signed artist, a 'name', a long illustrious career, This could be for you.

Do you produce high end, multi camera studio quality video?

Are you a multi-instrumental looper? 

Basically if you offer something that is a cut above in experience, profile, film quality and performance.  We have space for you.

Set your own prices or we can help find a price that suits your offering.  

You can also offer both Standard and Premier options

Here is Daisy Kate who makes fantastic multi-instrument and multi angle video.

Extra incentive

As things progress we will be doing all we can to forward you as musicians, online and live. ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS LIVE is already in the pipeline. An events wing to go across into live corporate events and weddings. This is your shop window and want to push you as artists. We will actively encourage clients to engage with you personally for live and promo opportunities. WE WILL TAKE NO CUT OF THAT. All we ask is that you keep the video clients engaged with ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS ® if its video in this format that they want. The rest as they say, is yours 

Our artists also have special VIP discount with UK microphone company SONTRONICS so in exchange for social media coverage you will be able to call yourself a Sontronics VIP artist.

We have corporate clients also who we provide content for which is well paid and the client base is growing.  

Final note:

ACOUSTIC POSTCARDS ® and its content is a registered trademark so sharing or replicating of  any methods, content or information is restricted to within company networks, websites and social media. We have to protect all our hard work!

We will not own any rights to your video or audio performances we just ask you do not share or use videos customers have paid for and requested not to be shared. We want to keep it chilled between us musicians and focus on support, trust and respect.


Office Hours

Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm

Tel: 0161 696 1559





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